Saturday, February 9, 2013

The world missed me too when I was a kid

I just finished reading an article on a blog about someone who looks back at childhood and years growing up in a time when there was no such thing as Aspergers.

Now as an adult only now learning that I have AS and am an aspie, can I go back through the memories of my past and look at things through an aspie lens.

I am not many of the names people associated with me. I am not to blame for the way I thought, or did things, or felt. I was being me. I was far more free to be me as a young kid, but as I got older it got harder and harder to be me, as I had to struggle to conform more to be "normal"

I wish I could redo things sometimes, and know that I had AS and learned how I could be me more as I grew up...

Well, I have my aspie daughter to mentor and guide through life. It is so hard to keep myself from trying to get her to conform. It is only as I have been so stressed with trying to deal with her and understand her have I realized how much she is like me.

More thinking and reflecting and pondering my aspie life soon to come.


  1. Thanks for your feedback Rene and Guy. Writing is a way for me to express what is in my head and my heart.

  2. I also used the words "Aspie lens" to describe that whole process of rewriting my personal history once I figured it out. It's like you have solved the whole mystery of your life, isn't it?

    1. Well I don't know about the whole mystery, as there is still my wife and kids to figure out... ;). But yes, it is satisfying to understand why and how things happened in the past.