Sunday, August 4, 2013

Experiencing the Unexpected - An #Autistic Son Amazes his #Aspie Father

Most parents who have children with autism experience days of difficult communication, meltdowns, outbursts, inappropriate comments or behaviour, and various amount of other things that can get us on edge or exhausted, and desperate for any, even brief, moments of quiet, peace and tranquility.

Our days can consist of therapy, of daily life and routines that can be easily upset and throw us into reactive, problem shoving, crisis averting mode,  with a bit of PR if we happen to be out in public.

So, when the unexpected happens, and you see your child doing something you never thought he'd be able to do, it touches your heart and makes all the stuff above worth it.  Your child is worth it, because your child is amazing.

I had that moment again this week with my oldest son who has high functioning autism.  We had the week together mostly to hang, and we joked around together, went swimming, went to library and bookstore together, and got him addicted to Doctor Who.

He's 14 now, starting high school in just a few weeks.  He's come a long way from the little boy who could not speak more than 10 words, and spoke only in rote phrases. From a boy who got so upset and angry when the simplest things did not happen how he'd expect.

This week, he let me come into the world of his feelings, and told me things that really bothered him, that made him sad, and told me how he really wanted to see things.  It was amazing.  He had the time with me this week to get perspective on his life, and wanted to share it with me, and sought comfort from me. He really enjoyed our time of just hanging out and talking,

It made me so proud.  He is growing.  He is changing.  He is autistic, but his autism isn't a static thing. It grows and changes as he does.  He has many obstacles to face in his life, but I had a glimmer of hope that he can adapt to life when he gets older and faces life after high school, whether it is college or training, or whatever!  

I have to remember moments like this when I am dealing with the day-to-day stuff.  There is hope, and amazing moments to come.  Today is today, but tomorrow... That's unwritten!

Do you have moments with your children that you treasure, and hope for what could be?
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