Saturday, July 27, 2013

7 Ways I escape during an #Aspie Meltdown.

I was reading one of my favourite Aspie bloggers posts about how she deals with her meltdowns, and it encouraged me to write about my own.

1. Get on my iPad/iPhone/Mac and read news/twitter.
2. Cuddle any one of my stuffed animal bunnies, especially my 35 year old stuffed puppet FooFoo
3. Listen to music, classical, jazz, or ballad-y music or sing.
4. Write in my journal,
5. Get into my bedroom, with the blinds closed, the lights closed, and tightly under my blankets.
6. Go drive/walk to a body of water and just stare at it and think.
7. Watch movies/tv shows  - Current obsession: Doctor Who

These are all things that I do for and in myself, but I do sometime try to talk with someone too, like my partner.  I like to talk, but I'm not as easy a listener.

What do you do to escape/deal with a meltdown?