Monday, March 4, 2013

Autistic People Are Amazing

Its Children's Day Kiddos! I recently discovered that a google search for "autistic people are" returns some horrible horrible autocompletes, and there is a movement a foot to help Change the Google results by writing blog post about this, and highlighting how special, amazing or awesome people with Autism Spectrum Disorders are.

My son is amazing. He knows almost everything about every British royal members from 1600 on to today. He know the history of almost every video game in existence. And he is really funny and making parody songs to existing music. I love him. He is Autistic and he is amazing.

My daughter is amazing. She has an incredible vocabulary for a little girl and amazing insights into things science and math. She learns extremely fast, and when she is motivated she can accomplish almost everything. I love her. She has Aspergers and she is amazing.

I have Aspergers. I have struggled through life with it not knowing it until this year. God though, has given me amazing gifts for music, for writing and spinning words together. I matter. I have Aspergers, and God has made me amazing.

I hope you all see the amazing side of everyone you meet, and especially those who you have to look harder sometimes it see that amazing-ness.